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Are you looking for a reliable and transparent fiduciary for your tax return? Then you've come to the right place!

Whether you're an individual, a small business, a large corporation or an association, we're committed to providing you with a tax return service you can rely on.

We've been running our fiduciary business since 2020, and we're pleasantly surprised by the excellent positive feedback we've received from our customers! Perhaps you can too?

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Our tax return service with tax optimization in geneva

We help you navigate the tax maze with our tax return service. Available from as little as CHF 99, our services include:

Preparing and filing your tax return

Our tax experts meticulously prepare your tax return, ensuring absolute compliance with legal requirements.

Advice and tax optimization 

We analyze your financial situation and provide proactive advice to help you minimize your tax burden and optimize your tax benefits.

Assistance with tax audits

If you are subject to a tax audit, we support you throughout the process, defending your interests and helping you to respond effectively.

Regular updates

As tax laws evolve, we carry out regular updates of your tax situation to ensure that you always benefit from the best conditions.

Request for withholding tax adjustment with tax optimization:

If you are a foreign worker in Switzerland, tax is generally deducted directly at source by your employer. However, the amount deducted may not accurately reflect your actual tax situation. That's where our withholding tax adjustment service comes in.

Our experts can help you :

Analyze your tax situation

We examine your income, deductions and personal situation to determine whether the amount of tax deducted at source is accurate.

Prepare a request for rectification

If we find any inaccuracies, we prepare a detailed rectification request to rectify the situation.


We follow up your request and keep you informed of progress.


What documents do I need?

Here are the documents we need to complete your tax return:

Company for declaration in Switzerland

Individuals for tax declaration in Switzerland

  1. Tax declaration and/or identifiers with taxpayer number and declaration code
  2. Taxpayer's salary certificate (and receipt certificate if taxed at source)
  3. Proof of taxpayer's 3rd pillar A and/or 2nd pillar purchase
  4. Other professional expenses (union dues, special clothing, CCNT, etc.)
  5. Statement of movable assets at December 31 in Switzerland and abroad (bank accounts, shares, bonds, holdings, crypto-currencies, lottery winnings, bank charges, etc.).Unsecured interest (consumer loans, credit cards, third-party loans, etc.)
  6. Other income (e.g. family or housing allowances, subsidies, unemployment, various annuities, alimony received, etc.)
  7. Proof of life insurance, 3rd pillar B, foreign insurance
  8. Tax certificate of health insurance (LaMal or CMU and complementary or mutual insurance)
  9. Other deductions (alimony paid, life annuities, etc.)
  10. Medical expenses not reimbursed by health insurance (invoices, summary calculation) and any disabilities (diabetes, celiac, etc.)
  11. Training, further training, retraining or reintegration costs (payable by you only)
  12. Donations and payments to political parties (Swiss-based organizations only)
  13. Childcare costs (invoices or receipts) and school attendance certificate(s) for adult children only
  14. Proof of change of status during the year (marriage, birth, divorce, death, deed of sale/purchase of property)
  15. (if owner) Capital according to estimate and gross rental value of your property (tax on both sides)
  16. (if owner) Property maintenance costs (maintenance or energy savings, condominium fees, property tax, home insurance, etc.)


Download the Swiss tax return checklist


Individuals for declarations in France

  1. Log-in details for access to Personal Area at with tax number and password
  2. Taxpayer's salary certificate and receipt certificate
  3. Pension certificate
  4. Proof of withdrawal of 2nd or 3rd pillar capital or vested benefits
  5. If option for actual business expenses :
    • Number of days worked
    • Distance travelled between home and place of work
    • Meal expenses: restaurant vouchers
    • Copy of registration document for vehicle used for travel
    • Toll charges, freeway
    • Parking fees (P+R, other)
    • Interest on loan (if loan to pay for vehicle used for commuting)
    • Training/improvement costs
  6. Union dues (for organizations headquartered in France)
  7. Tax statements as at December 31 for bank accounts held outside France (bank, IBAN and opening date)
  8. Proof of French income from movable assets from organizations in FranceWork on your main home: energy transition expenses
  9. Owner of rented property:
  10. Micro-foncier regime (annual rental income under EUR 15,000): gross rental income excluding charges
    • Other: Rental income and charges / maintenance costs / interest on loan
    • Other income / severance pay / daily allowances (unemployment, sickness, accident, maternity)
  11. Proof of income for dependents
  12. Alimony payments received for minor and/or adult children (if the adult child is attached to your income tax return)
  13. Alimony paid to minor and/or adult children (if the adult child is not attached to the income tax return of the parent paying the alimony)
  14. List of life insurance policies held abroad (e.g. 3rd pillar A or B policies)
  15. Health insurance premiums (CMU/Lamal)
  16. Donations and payments to political parties (organizations based in France or the EEA)
  17. Childcare costs for children under 6 (for the parent with custody rights)
  18. Receipts for personal services (amounts paid for home employment)
  19. Any other information you feel is relevant to your personal situation


Download the French tax return checklist


Is it possible to apply for an extension of time to file my tax return?

Yes, it is possible to request an extension to the deadline for filing your tax return. However, this request must be made before the original filing deadline.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need more time to prepare your tax return, it would be beneficial to contact our team.


How does the tax return work?


Preparation is a crucial step. We'll start with a consultation to understand your sources of income, potential deductions and investments. 

At this stage, we'll guide you through the documents and information you need to prepare your tax return correctly.


We prepare your tax return. This involves a detailed analysis of your documents and information, applying the appropriate tax codes, and maximizing available deductions and credits. We also ensure compliance with current tax laws. Once the return has been prepared, we'll present you with an outline for review and approval.


Once you've approved the declaration, we submit it on your behalf to the tax authorities. 

But our commitment doesn't stop there. We remain available to answer your questions, to help you in the event of any subsequent correspondence or inquiries from the tax authorities. 

We're here to support you all year round, not just during the tax season.