Fiduciary accounting in Geneva: a partner you can trust

Are you looking for a reliable accounting firm with transparent rates? Then you've come to the right place!

Our Geneva-based fiduciary offers services tailored to your needs. 

Operating since 2020 in the field of accounting and taxation, we are proud of our young reputation, which inspires confidence in the quality of our work.

Whether you're an individual, a small business, a large corporation or an association, we're committed to providing you with an accounting service you can rely on.

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Our fiduciary accounting services:

Accounting management

We offer you a rigorous and precise accounting management service, allowing you to concentrate on your core business with complete peace of mind.

Tax advice

Our experts provide timely and relevant tax advice to help you optimize your tax position and meet all legal obligations.

Audit and compliance

Our audit team provides high-quality, independent audit services to ensure compliance with current accounting and financial standards.

Tax returns

We take care of the preparation and timely filing of your tax returns, relieving you of stress and potential errors.

Consulting services

Whether you're evaluating a potential acquisition or looking for new growth opportunities, our consulting team is here to guide you.


How do our accounting services work?

We can break down our accounting services into 3 stages:


Before we start working together, we take the time to understand your specific needs.

This starts with an initial assessment, during which we take an in-depth look at your current financial situation, your short- and long-term goals, and your existing accounting practices.

From there, we develop a customized plan to meet your needs, and help you put in place the right accounting systems.


During the implementation phase, we execute the plan we've designed specifically for you.

This includes managing your financial transactions, preparing regular financial reports to help you understand your performance, and providing timely tax advice to help you optimize your tax position.

We remain in constant communication with you throughout this process, keeping you informed of progress and consulting you on important decisions.


After the implementation period, we continue to support you with our ongoing accounting services.

We take care of the preparation and filing of your tax returns, ensure that you remain compliant with all relevant regulations, and are always available to answer questions and provide expert advice.


Who are accounting services for?

Our accountancy services are aimed at a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large corporations and not-for-profit organizations.

Small businesses

Small businesses can benefit from the services of an accountancy firm for bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements and the preparation of financial statements.
Who are accounting firm services designed for?

Our accounting firm services are aimed at a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large corporations and non-profit organizations.

Small businesses

Small businesses can benefit from the services of an accounting firm for bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, payroll management, tax compliance, auditing and strategic financial planning.

Large companies

Large companies may need an accounting firm for the same services as small businesses, but on a much larger scale. They may also need help with more complex issues, such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and international compliance.

Non-profit organizations

Not-for-profit organizations may need an accounting firm to help them with issues specific to their sector, such as compliance with charity regulations, gift management and financial reporting to donors.

Self-employed professionals and auto-entrepreneurs

Self-employed professionals and auto-entrepreneurs can benefit from the expertise of an accounting firm for bookkeeping, tax preparation, tax planning and more.


Find out more about Finwise

Finwise is a fiduciary with accounting expertise based in Switzerland. Our Geneva office is staffed by trusted accountants and chartered accountants.

In Switzerland, the Code of Obligations makes bookkeeping mandatory for all legal entities, i.e. all types of company (SA, SARL, EI, foundations, associations, etc.).

Accounting can be handled in-house, but it is often advisable to call on external accountants, such as our team, who will handle your file with rigor, precision and responsiveness. Our qualified professionals will ensure that you receive accurate accounting information and avoid any errors.

Our mastery of Swiss accounting standards enables us to offer you bookkeeping, accounting management, accounting expertise and all other accounting services required for the smooth running of your business.

Our team of multilingual professionals (FR, EN, ES) is an asset that enables us to provide a monthly or quarterly report to your head office or parent company in the language of your choice.