Fiduciary fees in Geneva: Price list and services

Our fiduciary specializes in a full range of accounting services to support your business. Whether it's managing your bookkeeping, VAT declarations, payroll management for your SARL/SA, or document control, we adapt to your specific needs.

Our rates are clear and transparent, and a detailed estimate is provided before the start of each assignment.

Rates for individuals

Tax returns

Withholding tax


Rates for companies


Company management




Our services for individuals and businesses alike

Whether you're an individual or a company, we have a dedicated range of services:

  1. Individuals: tax returns, withholding tax rectification, tax simulation for "Quasi-Resident" or TOU status, and tax or insurance advice.
  2. Companies: accounting, business management, payroll management, social security declarations for companies with employees, professional taxes, company domiciliation, company formation (Sàrl or SA), administrative management, VAT statements and tax or insurance advice.

We also deal with associations, NGOs and public authorities. Contact us for more information.

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