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The services we offer


We support you in the preparation of your private or professional tax returns. We study your activities and advise you in order to optimise and plan your situation by reducing the tax burden within the strict framework of the existing legal means

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Our goal is to relieve entrepreneurs of their accounting burden. We offer them a digital solution that brings intelligence and reactivity. We provide you with all your accounting in electronic format, with all your documents converted to pdf.

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Finwise offers a complete insurance service for both individuals and companies.

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Business management

Whatever the life cycle of your company, we manage all the administrative flows related to the management of your company and ensure the transmission of adequate and correct data to all stakeholders.

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Tax evaluation TOU (tax deduction)

Escape the trap of the tax revision at source in Geneva! By calculating your optimum tax, you benefit from all the deductions on your taxes.

For cross-border workers and residents with a B permit

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